The new “Child Maintenance Service” (formerly known as the CSA). How different is the new scheme?

In the summer of 2013 the government announced that the number of parents paying maintenance for their children through the Child Support Agency (CSA) had hit a record high.

Since then the new “regime” for calculating child maintenance has come into force for any new applications.

Here is a quick summary as a guide to the new regime:

1. The level of maintenance payable is calculated from the paying parent’s gross weekly income (all sources of income).

2. A deduction for Pension contributions is allowed where applicable.

3. For a resulting gross income of up to and including £800 per week, the child maintenance payable will be calculated 12% for one child, 16% for 2 children and 19% for 3 or more children.

4. For gross income above £800 and up to a maximum of £3,000 per week, the child maintenance payable will be calculated as 9% for 1 child, 12% for 2 children and 15% for 3 or more children.

5. A deduction will be made for any other child(ren) living with the paying parent (e.g. children of a new partner or step children) at the rate of 11% for one child; 14% for 2 children; or 16% for 3 or more children.

6. A reduction will be made depending upon the number of nights the child(ren) stay with the paying parent:

• 1/7th for 52 – 103 nights per year
• 2/7ths for 104 – 155 nights per year
• 3/7ths for 105 – 174 nights per year
• ½ for 175 nights or more.

Here is a link to the online Child Maintenance Calculator where you can carry out your own calculation:

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