Top five benefits of mediation

1.Costs If you and your former partner are able to resolve matters by way of mediation, then you will incur far less in legal costs than if you were involved in court proceedings or if you have protracted negotiations through

Should I consider going private?

A financial court process typically involves three court hearings, starting with a directions hearing and culminating in a final hearing or “trial” if the parties are unable to reach a settlement.  The second court hearing known as “the FDR” or

Cohabitees & Investment Properties – A Fresh Approach.

In the recent Privy Council case of Marr v Collie (Bahamas) [2017] UKPC 17) further clarification has been provided in relation to cases where cohabitees jointly own property which they have purchased as an investment, rather than for a domestic

Sharing principle and its application within short marriages

A significant decision has recently been handed down from the Court of Appeal which is likely to have implications for the sharing principle and its application to short marriages. Julie Sharp, a city trader, successfully challenged a previous court decision

Owens v Owens – urgent need for ‘no fault’ divorce?

In March this year the Court of Appeal handed down its decision in the Owens v Owens case, which has been the topic of much debate. Mrs Owens wished to divorce Mr Owens (39 year marriage) and submitted a Divorce

Resolving Finances through the Court Process

Jones Nickolds is committed to resolving the financial matters arising from a divorce as amicably as possible, and there are many options outside of the court process (see “YOU’VE TAKEN THE PLUNGE WHAT NEXT”) There are, however, some circumstances where

How the other half live….

Last week, Judgment was handed down in what has probably become the largest divorce settlement to date. A former London oil and gas trader has been ordered to pay his estranged wife £453m in what could be the biggest award

You’ve taken the plunge, what next?

Making the decision to end a relationship can be life changing. If you are married, have children, or own a property together, alongside the emotional aspects there are practical decisions to make. One of the most important considerations will be

Civil Partnerships: Does the current law discriminate against heterosexual couples?

Civil partnerships were introduced by the Civil Partnership Act 2004 to enable same-sex couples to have their relationships legally recognised. The idea was to enable gay couples to register their partnerships, just as heterosexual couples can by getting married.  Even

Top 5 things to consider when instructing a divorce lawyer

1. Should I engage in mediation first? Depending on your circumstances, you may feel that mediation would be an effective forum for you and your spouse to discuss key issues, such as how to split the finances on divorce. You