Co-parenting after Separation

Acrimonious divorces can make it extremely difficult to co-parent effectively afterwards.

Clients often ask how they can try to put differences aside and manage ongoing tensions for the sake of the children. This is a very complex issue and needs to be managed appropriately depending on the age of the children.

It is well recognised that children can be adversely affected by their parents’ behaviour, and even when parents believe they are hiding their emotions and behaving in the “correct” manner, children often pick up on the underlying tension and distress.

How can parents overcome this and provide a healthy and happy environment in which to co-parent, even when they are still coming to terms with the breakdown of their marriage?

The Separated Parents Information Programme, known as SPIP, has been developed in order to help parents effectively co-parent post separation. The programme helps parents look at the effect of their behaviour from a child’s point of view and includes short videos to demonstrate how different scenarios can impact children. It all helps to provide a greater level of awareness in separating parents.

If you would like to find out more about SPIP, please download the handbook here:

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