Intriguing new study on how divorce may be contagious!

Researchers at Brown University in the U.S. analysed thirty years of marriage data collected from Framingham, a town in Massachusetts. The data suggests, they claim, that having a divorced friend increases your own chance of divorce by a rather startling

For richer for poorer

Resolving the finances comes as an inevitable consequence of any marriage breakdown. For some couples a “clean break” is preferable. This severs any ongoing financial ties between the husband and wife. For many families, in particular where there are young

When is a parent not a parent ?

CW V SG [2013] EWHC 854 (FAM) Mr Justice Baker recently heard a very rare application in the High Court by a mother to terminate the father of her son’s parental responsibility (PR). Legally, if you have PR you have

Wife denied second bite of the cherry

T v T [2013] EWHC B3 (Fam) This was an application by the husband for the court to make an order in the terms of a Separation Agreement which the parties had entered into over 20 years ago. The court

Husband is “not insurer against life’s eventualities”

Vince v Wyatt [2013] EWCA Civ 495 The decision of Vince v Wyatt was delivered by the Court of Appeal on 8 May 2013 much to the relief of ‘long-term’ divorcees across the country. This was a husband’s appeal against

Maintenance arrears of £1 million. Surely that warrants a jail sentence?

Earlier this year newspaper headlines focussed on the plight of Michelle Young, ex –wife to Scott Young, a former “fixer” for British businessmen.  Their divorce proceedings commenced in 2006 and have become a long drawn out and bitter battle. The

I Appeal!

It is well known that the starting point for division of matrimonial assets on divorce is a 50 / 50 split. It is similarly well known that there can be reasons to depart from such a split of the assets.